Online Hypnosis to Help You Lose Weight (and in person.)

Snacking and overeating are frequent compulsions that can make it seem like you are always making bad decisions, no matter how hard you try. In fact, there may be moments when you think you have no other options at all. What if you didn't have to try? What if we could get you to a place where every part of you was on board with your health journey? Imagine internal resistance melting away naturally.How can we do that? Its simple: during this program, we are going to reframe your beliefs, rewire your associations with food and exercise, and update your software the same way you update your phone. With all of the personal support that you get in this program, this is perfectly possible.

What you Get:

Imagine this: 6 hypnosis sessions once per week, a Facebook group with ongoing support, and a growing community of people on the same journey all helping each other. Imagine getting fitness advice from a personal trainer and Pilates teacher with over 20 years of professional experience working in London and Los Angeles (yes, thats me.) You get access to me for half an hour each day on the phone, so I can continue to coach if need be and keep you accountable. These check-ins are invaluable. I cover the mind and the body in this program, and I am totally dedicated to your success.

Benefits of Hypnosis to Lose Weight

Success Rate

Hypnosis is highly effective in helping people lose weight because it changes the mindset

No Side Effects

Hypnosis doesn't involve any drugs or medication and has no negative side effects.

Long-Term Results

Hypnosis provides a permanent solution, reducing the likelihood of a relapse later on.

Customized Approach

This process always begins with you. I will help you help yourself, and to do that, I will gather as much information from you as I need so that I can help you better.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind, just like confidence is a state of mind. It is the best state of mind to be in when you want to learn something new. Have you ever noticed that the harder you try to solve the problem, the worse it seems to get? Have you ever noticed that your best ideas come to you when you are distracted and not trying to think? This is because the conscious mind is limited, whereas the unconscious mind is not. The unconscious mind is where your creative imagination, memories, beliefs, habits, and inner resources are stored. Hypnosis focuses on this.

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

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to set a plan for your success.

What to Expect During an Online Hypnosis Session

Comfortable Environment

You will be asked to find a quiet place free from distractions where you can relax and focus. You will either be with me in person or in the comfort of your own home, streaming the session online. The hypnosis session will begin with a conversation to better understand your needs and goals.

You will discover trance

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and you are in control. Like a passenger in the backseat, I'll be giving you directions you can hear; you have the choice to follow my directions or not. Like a tour guide, I know where to go, and I will help you tap into your unconscious mind and all of its resources.

Thereapuetic Intervention

I will help you update your software with hypnosis and coaching so that you can put your problems in your past where they belong. I always assign a task at the end so that the problem is worked on in the real world as well as in the inner world. I believe you cant meditate your way out of a problem, you must take action.

Client Success Stories

Jack Dempsey

"I had nothing to lose, so I gave this guy a try, and I'm glad I did. I used to be all about takeaways and crisps, and now I find myself regularly ordering healthier options, and I am even cooking in the kitchen more than I was. He gave me some good fitness advice and got me started at the gym. I definitely recommend it.

Mary B

"Chocolate was a big problem for me and emotional eating, but time has passed, and I find that I don't do that anymore. I'm not sure how that happened, and I can't remember much of the sessions, but he did something, and I'm very happy about it."

Tom and Sarah

"My partner and I did the hypnosis session together, and it was a wonderful bonding experience. We both lost weight, are working out together, and have never felt closer. Thank you for helping us change our lives."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes, hypnosis is completely safe and does not have any negative side effects. You will remain fully aware throughout the session and be able to stop it at any time. Some people worry about losing control because of the movies and stage hypnosis shows. I assure you, this is not like any of that.

What if it doesn't work for me?

There are no guarantees in life, unfortunately. A lawyer cannot guarantee he will win every court case, and a doctor cannot guarantee a full recovery. I would advise you to be absolutely sure you are ready to lose weight before you start this program.

How many sessions do I need?

I have two programs, a 3 week program and a 6 week program.

Can I do hypnosis online?

Yes, our program is designed to be done online, so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

It's about taking action! Here are some of the secrets that you will learn:

Why will power alone is ineffective

That some of your most amazing breakthroughs will have little to do with food

My craving buster methods

How to easily and automatically create behaviours that will satisfy you instead of snacking

The truth about exercise and how to make it easy

The 5 emotional needs you have been overeating to satisfy and how you can better satisfy them

How to use the mechanism that makes those excuses to your advantage

How to enjoy your favourite foods without derailing your progress

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